Full NRSV Sunday texts

The full NRSV readings for Sundays and Feast Days are provided below.

No full NRSV readings text shown as full text is only available for Sundays and Holy Days. Readings for today below:

Feria (Green)
Eve of Sunday (Green)

Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Morning Prayer: Ps 75, 76; 2 Sam 5:22—6:11; Acts 17:16-34; Coll 370

Holy Eucharist: As Sunday, except: Lev 25:1, 8-17; Ps 67; Mt 14:1-12; Preface of Weekdays

Evening Prayer: Ps 23, 27; (Jg 5:19-31); Mk 8:1-10; Coll 371 (Eve of Pentecost X)

Lectionary citations are reprinted from Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings, copyright © 2005 Consultation on Common Texts, admin. by Augsburg Fortress. Reproduced by permission.