Book of Common Prayer

These readings are from the Anglican Church of Canada’s adaptation of the Revised Common Lectionary.

Good Friday (Black or Red or Violet) - Major Fast
Fast Day
Day of Abstinence

Friday, April 10th, 2020

Good Friday,/h3>

Celebration of Holy Communion: While the BCP permits the celebration of Holy Communion today, it is suggested that, in keeping with ancient tradition, the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving not be offered. Holy Communion from Gifts consecrated last night can be a simple and moving way for people to be joined to Christ in his Passion on this day.

Veiling on Good Friday: In those places that keep the custom of veiling, crosses and crucifixes are unveiled before the service of Good Friday. The other veils are removed when the church is prepared for the first service of Easter.

Office Note: If another evening office is required, Compline, p. 722, is suitable: use Passiontide short chapter (Hebrews 9.11 p. 148).

Authorisation Note: Please remember that in 1992 General Synod voted to delete from use and from further printings of the Book of Common Prayer the third collect for Good Friday. The prayer’s removal was a recognition that the collect represented an obstacle in Jewish-Christian dialogue. Its continued presence in our official liturgies also did not reflect the church’s renewed understanding—especially in the shadow of the Holocaust—of Christians being joint heirs, with the Jewish people, of God’s covenantal promises.

Service: In past years some places have combined the Prayer Book’s provisions (of Mattins and Ante Communion & Evensong), moving directly from Benedictus to the Collect(s), Epistle, and Passion Gospel. The sermon or homily may be followed by some form of solemn prayer, an act of devotion before the Cross and Holy Communion from the reserved sacrament distributed in stark simplicity. The Veneration of the Cross can provide an opportunity for a wholehearted personal and communal devotion. A large wooden Cross may be carried in by the celebrant or others and set up where all can see: The form of prayer can be the traditional Reproaches, etc., or something especially suitable for a particular congregation.

A BCP Order for Good Friday:

  1. Opening Sentence, Good Friday (BCP, p. 1), General Confession (BCP, p. 4)
  2. Good Friday Anthems (p. 173)
  3. Psalm 22 without Gloria patri
  4. Gen 22:1-18; Salvator (1938 hymn book chant appendix); Jn 18:1-32; Benedictus or hymn
  5. Two collects (p. 174); third collect not used
  6. The epistle (p. 174); and Tract, psalm 54
  7. The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ (Gospel, p. 176)
  8. The sermon, and an appropriate hymn
  9. The five biddings (silence between), and the intercession
  10. The unveiling of the Cross: choir sings Invit 5, p. 25, and AOH 830 Hymn book 1938 (i.e., verse 1 of part 1, and all of parts 2 and 3)
  11. The Lord’s Prayer is then said or sung
  12. Collect of Palm Sunday (p. 150); Funeral Blessing The God of peace (p. 601) from yesterday’s Gifts: then everyone leaves in disarray.

Morning Prayer: Opening sentence, Good Friday p. 1; Ps 22; Gen 22:1-18; Jn 18:1-32; Coll 174

Holy Eucharist: As Sunday Next Before Advent; no Creed or Gloria

Evening Prayer: No hymn; Ps 88; no Gloria patri; Is 50:4-10; Magnificat; no Gloria Patri; Jn 19:38-end; Nunc Dimittis; 1st Collect Good Friday only (p. 174)

Lectionary citations are reprinted from Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings, copyright © 2005 Consultation on Common Texts, admin. by Augsburg Fortress. Reproduced by permission.

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