Rogation Days

The three days before Ascension Day have for many centuries been designated as days of special prayer and supplication (“rogare”) for the “seeds sown.” In Canada, with many different climatic zones, a fixed date for such prayer may not always be relevant. Hence, the BAS does not insist on our keeping to the traditional dates. Another more locally appropriate time may be chosen. However, the agricultural theme of the Rogation Days has in recent years been expanded to include concern for the environment more generally; thus, a commonly held season for liturgical expression of such concerns may be desirable. Keeping the traditional days before Ascension Day would seem to address this new insight well. The liturgical colour may be of the season white (in Eastertide) or violet (the traditional colour of supplication and penitence). The Church of England’s Common Worship: Times and Seasons provides a wealth of agricultural and environmental material for liturgies starting on page 594.