Ember Days

The Ember Days of solemn prayer are traditionally kept at the turn of the four seasons (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Advent III, Lent I, the Day of Pentecost, and Holy Cross Day). Over time Ember Days came to be associated almost entirely with solemn prayer for ordinands. The Ember Days, like Rogation Days, have been de-emphasized in liturgical revision since the 1970s, but there seems to be a revived sense of their pastoral usefulness. They can be helpful in engaging the church in intentional and deep prayer for its whole ministry: for the mission of the Church, for the ministry of the Church, for peace, and for the unity of the church. BAS “Propers for Special Occasions” containing propers for these may be found in this ordo. The colour of the Ember Days is violet except for Pentecost Ember Days which are red. The Church of England’s Common Worship: Times and Seasons provides full propers for Embertide on page 636.